“Your TEAM is a huge pleasure to work with always and very responsive!”


“I received the package “Stator Cylinder”. After checking it, am very pleased with the part. I had a good talk with Albert about its unique nature and my future needs and will be contacting you for further parts as soon as they are drafted. Fits are good and tolerances appear met. Very good. I also appreciate your customer service from everybody that I have had contact with to this follow up…very pleasant and helpful. I would recommend you and really like your operation.”


“The SLA parts turned out great. Thanks for the outstanding service.”

“The parts are EXCELLENT! And a day earlier than expected too! I’ve been weighting them up and assembling them this morning. I’m really happy with how the relationship is working out and others here are too. The surface finish is great. The choice to go with SLA was right on for the purpose.”

“You people have done a great job in delivering these handles on time. We really appreciate your help and if anything else comes up, we will keep in touch with you.”


“I received the parts and everything looks great!. I’m impressed with the quality of work you guys did on my parts.”

“Just got the Yokes. Of course they all look beautiful. I wanted to reach out and say thanks to your team for making the delivery today happen. We’ve got some pretty crazy deadlines on my end right now and you guys just took a lot of that stress away.”
“First of all, thanks for your support in getting our product samples ready for SEMA (and saving my you know what by fixing one of the part I broke). We showed the product in the Voxx booth (they will be the distributors of the product) and the Division VP said it was “hands down the hit of the show” for them. We couldn’t have had such success without the high-quality models.”
“Those parts I got yesterday were great! I was able to do functional testing and the sealing surfaces all worked. I got the information I needed without a hitch.”

“Great really appreciated. Prototech’s responsiveness is definitely why I send so many clients your direction.”

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