PTI Parts Builder

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Standard lead times for part(s) delivery

5 – 10 days for rapid prototypes and quick turn parts
1 – 3 weeks for first cast parts, production to follow
2 – 4 weeks for most CNC machined parts

*If you have a tight deadline, do not be afraid to ask us about expediting your delivery.

Rapid Prototyping Finish Levels Available

Finish Level 1 – Removal of build support structures. Typically used by customers wishing to do the finish work themselves, this will result in an unfinished part.

Finish Level 2 – Removal of build support structures and light sanding with 220 grain sandpaper to remove rough edges and burrs. Typically used for design reviews, design verification, assembly verification and conceptual models. Build layer lines, stair steps and facets are visible.

Finish Level 3 – Sandblast. Typically used for design reviews and assembly verification where a higher degree of fit and part finish is required. Geometry fit checks, form and function tests, sand casting, pilot builds, and manufacturing engineering fixturing.

Finish Level 4 – Typically used for marketing presentations, focus group studies, investment castings, precision sand casting, rubber mold masters, and spray metal tooling masters.

Finish Level 5 – Painted. We can match any color, texture, or finish as required.

Additional Finish Options for Prototype/Production Parts – Tinting, dying, silk screening and logo application

Additional Finish Options for Machined Parts – Plating, powder coating, silk screening, painting, anodizing & laser etching.

Uploading File Requirements:
  • Zip all files before uploading

  • For the most accurate quote, we ask you to submit Solidworks™ files

  • And/or CAD files (IGES, STEP, X_T, STL)

  • 500MB max per quote

  • If you do not have a complete file, we can provide a close estimate based on dimensions and approximate volume

  • Machine shop jobs require drawings

Specify Desired Quantity Per Part:
  • Quantity will often affect unit price

  • We can quote multiple quantities as options

Additional Processes Needed:
  • Material certifications

  • Inspection reports

  • Labeling, part making

Select Your Custom Finish:
  • We offer five different rapid prototyping finish levels as well as custom finish levels for machined parts. Typically, if you do not choose a finish level or indicate a finish level on your drawings, we will quote you a 3/2 finish level for your rapid prototyped parts.

  • Custom colors, color matching, painting, urethane colors available.

  • Texturing (mold texture or finish texture) available.

  • Labels, logos, silk screening, laser etching, etc., available.

PTI Parts Builder Form
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